Black Canvas  – new album out on Athletikk

My new album is finished. Music. Single Tracks. In the Mix 89 minutes. Grafix. iTunes booklet. Released 2017-01-20.

Black Canvas. Water. Flowers. Darkness. Techno. Ambient Terror.

12 musical paintings.

 Athletikk returns and proudly presents “Black Canvas”, the 4th studio-album from Edgar 9000. 

With “Black Canvas”, the Munich based producer Edgar 9000 created a perfectly composed cinematic follow-up of his fictional soundtrack/full-length album “Gone With The Sound”. In contrast to the previous longplayer, “Black Canvas” evolves much more floor-oriented and surely has the potential to become a Techno classic. This album was produced with fine analog modular gear, an original TR909 and then shaped with an analog mixing board. Some classic outboard gear completed this setting. Coordinates for these works are water, flowers, darkness, techno & ambient terror. Find 10 brand new tracks – strong, emotional, but still funky – plus 2 bonus tracks and an additional dynamic full-length-mix, built by the artist himself. Modern electronic dance music, conceptualized as some colours which appear on a black canvas.


ITunes inc. digital booklet


Modular madness and exploration continues. Filming and editing continues. Collection of own pictures and filmed scenes grows. Going public with all the above: slowly. I am not in a hurry…..

Peace and love to all of you and the world.


Back on da track…

…it has been a while since this page has seen any updates or news…after a creative break and maybe thousands of photos and little videos taken – Edgar 9000 is back and already started to work on new sound and output is slowly emerging through different channels.

Be sure to check and also videos on youtube channel from dr.scissors. as an example ….

Starter Set 5 years b’day bash at Rote Sonne Club 2010

Starter Set from 5 years birthday bash at Rote Sonne Club München from 2010. I was supposed to play for one hour and I swiped my very good friend Upstart away – so I could play for a total of 2 hours – he forgave me l8er. //// as people expected – this set was a combination of different styles , old and new but always choosen with heartblood and nevertheless woven to be bold and “so special” as i people know me. I am a hunter & collector. And I will never stop.