Below My Danger Line



release dates:
23.Nov.2011 exclusive on
07.Dec.2011 worlwide

This epic full length album marks the beginning of Edgar 9000. These 11 emotional and very introspective tracks were the first ones under this imprint and take the listener on a longer journey through soundscapes, flickering sequences and sounds between fire & ice. Its also a reminiscence to Edgar’s
role-models from the so-called Berliner Schule in the early 70ies of the 20th century.
The main principle that laid the foundation for this album is: Let it flow!
All melodies and movements were recorded first take to catch the pure emotion. These lines are left mostly unedited to preserve the initial attitude.
Instruments used are E-Piano, Mellotron, ARP 2600, PPG Wave 2.3, Korg MS20 and the Lexikon Mainframe Reverb 300XL, talking about the originals here.
Some Grand Piano and some Reaktor Ensembles round up this list.
This album took 5 years to ripe and was carefully
re-produced by Edgar 9000 with his usual approach on quality and full dedication to perfectionism he is known for.
“Below My Danger Line” – this is where tension starts and awareness is needed, to slightly touch and cross the borders someone has set up for her- or himself.
Available as single tracks or recommended
-as “in the mix”, blended smoothly together,
84 minutes in total.

Highlighted tracks:

OTE9K, LYSG, Red Freezer & Tender Flesh.

Published by copyright control.

Files under ambient terror.

Made under the seal of AAAAA.


At first I have to thank Soul aka Cet Merlin,
without him, this had never happened like this.

Thanx to:
Jon Philip, Daniel Grzybowsky,
mda-plugIn-people for e-Piano,
Return to Bass-Crew Munich.
Moog, Arp, Korg, PPG, Mellotron, EMS
and Rent A Dat/Berlin for fine reverberation.

cheers to
Mick Saup/Berlin, Andreas Kauffelt/Frankfurt,
Roger Cobernuss/Berlin

Video will be produced, i am still progressing, collecting.